Benzal from Eze Matteo on Vimeo.

Animé esta piecita para LeCube que es una adaptación de unos spots creados por Buck.
Animated this piece for LeCube which is an adaptation from some spots created by Buck.

Cliente: Vagisil
Estudio: Le Cube
Dirección: Ralph Karam / JuanMa Freire
Producción: Gustavo Karam
Dirección de Arte: Ralph Karam
Diseño: Andrea Devia
Animación: Eze Matteo

Eze Matteo / Reel 2014 from Eze Matteo on Vimeo.

New cut, new reel!
These are some works done during the past 2 years, some were done inhouse at Punga (RIP) and some as a freelancer. Enjoy!

Nuevo corte, nueva bobina!
Estos son algunos trabajos hechos durante los últimos 2 años, algunos dentro de Punga (QEPD) y otros como lancerolibre. Disfrutad!

00:00 - Intro - Everything
00:05 - Punga - Xbox - 2D Animation
00:07 - The Cancillers - Trimarchi - Illustration / Animation
00:08 - Punga - Siam - 3D / 2D Animation
00:09 - Punga - Cruz Roja - 3D Animation / Rendering
00:10 - Bandidoguapo / Ronda - Storybots - 3D Animation
00:11 - HippieHouse - Discovery Kids - Design / 3D Animation
00:12 - Punga - Some Pitch - 3D Animation
00:13 - Chris O’Farrell - Puma Urban Art - 2D Animation
00:14 - Bandidoguapo / Ronda - Storybots - 3D Animation
00:15 - Punga - Cruz Roja - 3D Animation / Rendering
00:16 - Bandidoguapo / Ronda - Storybots - 3D Animation
00:19 - Vicky Lamas / Superestudio - TLC - Design
00:20 - Facu Labo / Eloisa Iturbe - YTV - 3D Animation
00:21 - Ronda - Hyundai - 2D Animation
00:24 - The Cancillers - Trimarchi - Illustration / Animation
00:25 - Facu Labo / Eloisa Iturbe - YTV - 3D Animation
00:27 - Punga - Siam - 3D / 2D Animation
00:28 - Chris O’Farrell - Puma Urban Art - 2D Animation
00:30 - Punga - Xbox - 2D Animation
00:33 - Punga - /m\ Qualcomm /m\ - 2D Animation
00:34 - Dante Zaballa - The Doodle Project - Illustration / 2D Animation
00:35 - The Cancillers - Trimarchi - Illustration / Animation
00:39 - Facu Labo / Eloisa Iturbe - YTV - 3D Animation
00:40 - Bandidoguapo / Ronda - Storybots - 3D Animation
00:42 - Punga - Siam - 2D Animation
00:44 - HippieHouse - Discovery Kids - Design / 3D Animation
00:45 - Bandidoguapo / Ronda - Storybots - 3D Animation
00:45 - Chris O’Farrell - Puma Urban Art - 2D Animation
00:46 - Punga - Xbox - 2D Animation
00:47 - The Cancillers - Trimarchi - Illustration / Animation
00:47 - Bandidoguapo / Ronda - Storybots - 3D Animation
00:47 - Punga - Cruz Roja - 3D Animation / Rendering

FLOW - Exclusive title opening for IdN from Bito on Vimeo.

The concept of the project is about daily life esthetics. Taipei is crowded and noisy, but it is also where we born and raised up. The beauty of the city is from its imperfect, so called “wabi sabi” in Japan. We collected all the fragments of everyday life moments, transferred them from video to cel animation. By adding colors and brushstrokes to enhance the humanists, which is the essence of Taiwan that we believed in.

ART DIRECTOR: Finger and Toe
DESIGNERS : Finger and Toe
ANIMATOR : Finger and Toe / Keng-Ming Liu
MUSIC : Finger and Toe
SFX : Finger and Toe

MPC Software re-design from Kristoffer Brady on Vimeo.

I normally avoid un-solicited re-designs. You are too far removed from the decisions that were made, both from a visual aesthetic perspective and from a technical one. You are not under any type of deadline, there are no product launches to meet. In reality, sometimes time and money run out, you have to cut features, or add unforeseen ones in at the last minute. Things can get a bit messy.

With that in mind, this isn’t meant to be presented as a better version of what is already out there, just my take on it. I did this for fun. The whole goal of this exercise was to try to stick to the original format as closely as possible, so this perhaps isn’t really so much of a re-design as it is a re-skinning of the current layout and UI. I moved some things around in order to keep everything aligned and uniform, but for the most part I avoided re-thinking and/or changing the interactions. That would take a bit more time, and doesn’t necessarily translate well in a static format.

Full res img:

*music by Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling

Simian UI Montage from Kristoffer Brady on Vimeo.

For the upcoming independent short “SIMIAN”, a large amount of UI and HUD components were constructed to help drive the narrative and to create the appropriate atmosphere for the main character.

For a more detailed breakdown check out

Music by

Harry from quinquis robin on Vimeo.

Graduation Film Emile Cohl Lyon(Fr)

"Harry fête ses quarantes ans aujourd’hui, il a perdu tout espoir, un travail ennuyant, une femme distante, cette journée ne peut finir que d’une seule façon."

Director / Animation QUINQUIS Robin
Music / Sound design CLERC Anthony
Voices GOURION Pierre Alain, GUIDECOQ Fanny, MENIN Ira S.

© QUINQUIS Robin/2014

© Anthony Clerc/2014

©Emile Cohl/2014

Lamantin Jazz Festival identity concept from HIDDEN CHARACTERS on Vimeo.

Improvisation, the most distinctive quality of jazz, sets it apart from other musical genres. Makes it truly magical. Grants it its transient nature, so a piece can’t be heard in the same way twice. It may be better or it may be worse the next time, but it won’t be the same. It is a unique experience. To create a visual solution that is based on this principle I designed a graphical system that generates itself influenced by the music. If the shapes of the elements mutate as dictated by the music it will too provide the viewer with a unique experience.

Toy Fowey from Matt Jefferies on Vimeo.

A short tilt-shift time lapse film by Matt Jefferies.

Shot in the harbour side town of Fowey and Polruan, Cornwall with a Canon 70D, 18-55m & 70-300mm. Post production with After Effects, The video was shot within days days during a short holiday to the area, this is my first attempt at tilt-shift photography.

Gigant - Teaser film from Rune Ryberg on Vimeo.

Published by Forlæns August 29

ISBN: 978-87-91611-43-8
64 pages hardback

Giant is a color saturated, action packed adventure comic book by Danish Comic artist Rune Ryberg. The hero with the nickname Giant is thrown on a bizarre journey into another dimension full of dangers right after his girlfriend was swallowed by a bastard with a thousand eyes.
The book is also published in Sweden and Finland.

Når man som en lille fyr uden meget selvtillid og handlekraft, møder modgang, er det tit det nemmeste bare at stikke af. Nogle gange er det bare ikke en mulighed. Ihvertfald ikke når ens pige lige er blevet slugt af en skiderik med tusinde øjne, ens motorcykel forvandlet til et sværd, og man til sidst er kastet ind i en fremmed dimension, hvor farerne er mange og et gigantisk opgør venter på toppen.

Video Credits:
Animation & Composit: Rune Ryberg
Music: Rasmus Møbius:øbius

World Humanitarian Day - WATER from n9ve on Vimeo.

Animation piece for United Nations for the World Humanitarian Day

The task was to create a 30 second piece based on WATER, where each word (always “WATER” but in different languages) morph from word to object to word.

Check the intro text of:

Tell the world what you think it needs more of and turn your voice into action. Choose a word below and share it to help unlock much-needed funds for millions of people affected by disasters worldwide

Il Canto Delle Carte from n9ve on Vimeo.

A promo video for the English version of Lucia Dettori’s latest book - “Il Canto Delle Carte”. We have decided to show the book using a tarot reading metaphor - the clean and simple animations that pop out from the books pages are images of three different cards - the tarot path - one’s problem, the solution and a possible result.

Production: N9ve
Direction: N9ve - Alessandro Novelli
Design: Karolina Pospischil, Alessandro Novelli
DOP: Laura Sans
Animation: Alessandro Novelli, Victor Perez, Andrea Gendusa
Compositing: Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendusa

Voice Over: Toby Harper
Audio Recording: BCN Sound

Ba Beep Ba Bo dance animation from Jenn Strickland on Vimeo.

This is finally in it’s own video with music included. Not sure why it took me so long to do that.
Thanks guys~

Peak from Jin on Vimeo.

Why do you climb mountains, little dog?

The Kumite launch party from rafael araújo on Vimeo.

Animation made for launch party of The Kumite.

Sound: Danko Jones - Dance

More about the project: