Good Night - ENG SUB from Hallvard Fjeldbraaten on Vimeo.

Team: Atle Skageng, Kjetill Nybø and Hallvard Fjeldbraaten.

Animation: Studio AKA - London.

Big thanks to: Sigurd Solberg, Geir Florhaug, Frank Dybhavn, Tone Humblen and Robert Radoli.

Fandangles Fairy Floss from Mighty Nice on Vimeo.

Director: Darren Price
Producer: Fi Patterson
Designer: Chris Jones and Jason Pamment
Storyboards: Pete Young
Technical Direction: Vincent Sousa
3D: Tristan Lock, Wayne Osborne and Greg Petchkovsky and Akhil Mittal
3D Layout: Wayne Osborne
Rigging: Alex Toufali
Animation: Ben Hubbard
Lighting, Rendering and VFX: Serge Kovalenko
Compositor: Scott Geersen
Matte painting: Chris Jones
Sound: Nylon

Fandangles Toffee Whoopee Cookie from Mighty Nice on Vimeo.

Director: Alex Grigg
Producer: Fi Patterson
Storyboards: Alex Grigg
Technical Director: Vincent Sousa
Designer: Jason Pamment
Modler: Greg Petchkovsky and Akhil Mittal
Rigging: Alex Toufali and Vincent Sousa
Animation: Duncan Maclaren and Michael Singca
Lighting Rendering: Greg Petchkovsky
Compositor: Vincent Sousa
Matte Painting: Chris Jones
Sound: Nylon

UnCertainRegard-Making-Of from semiramis on Vimeo.

graduation film, individual making of

In The Air Is Christopher Gray (2013) from Felix Massie on Vimeo.

Christopher Gray has been in love with Stacey for quite some time, and no amount of lemonade can cool his desire. Meanwhile, Barry Flint has just bought his son a five-foot python from the pet store.

Written, Directed and Animated by Felix Massie
Soundtrack by Joe Paine
Starring Andy London, Peter Ahern, Justin Cassano, Carolyn London, Ian Miller and Erica Perez.
Sound Design and Mix by Marty O’Brien
Audio Post Production Facility: Fonic
Executive Producer Christopher O’Reilly
Produced at Nexus Productions

A BED FOR BEAR by Clive McFarland - Book Trailer from Paper Panther on Vimeo.

It’s bedtime for Bernard. The bear cave is crowded and uncomfortable. What is a bear to do when there is no good place to sleep?

'A Bed for Bear' is available in US bookstores and online from 4th November 2014. Published by HarperCollins Children's Books.

Design: Clive McFarland
Animation & Sound: Eimhin McNamara

Gold Fish Grahams from Shilo on Vimeo.

"The classic taste of Graham crackers meets the fun-to-eat form of Goldfish crackers, in lots of sweet, tantalizing flavors!" And the endless imagination of a child makes for some fun times with animation and live action!

MAKING MUTI from Mathieu Carlot on Vimeo.

Work done in collaboration with Studio Muti

Adventure time summer promo 2014 from Cinematic sweden on Vimeo.

Adventure time summer promo 2014 for Cartoon Network Europe

Production company: Cinematic
Producer: Johan Sonestedt & Johan Edström
Director: Veronica Wallenberg
Animator: Johan Sonestedt, Veronica Wallenberg, Daniel Damm, Susanne Sturesson,
Background artist: Jelle Gijsberts

ESKMO - Album Cover from Sander van Dijk on Vimeo.

I have always been inspired by the music of Eskmo, so when I saw the album cover that Trek Matthews had done I immediately picked up on the opportunity of combining the two creative arts and add a third element: animation.

When creating the animation I discovered that Trek had just planned a trip to NY and was able to meet up with me to chat more about these creative ideas. A few weeks later Eskmo played a set here in NY and we had a chance to meet as well. We’re hoping you will enjoy the collaboration of our three talents coming together as one.


Camille André - MakingOf “Nebula” from Camille André on Vimeo.

The making of “Nebula”, my graduation movie from Gobelins.
I was in charge of Concept Art, the beast Design, all the Texturing and all the Backgrounds.

Feel free to contact me here :

Music from Laura ROSSI

Willem de Kooning Academy 2014 from WDKA on Vimeo.

Creative, driven, multidisciplinary, not afraid to make a mistakes, straightforward and international. That’s us! And that is reflected in the new WdKA commercial, made possible by Jurjen Versteeg, Ashley Gamble and Wouter Keijzer.

Three very talented alumni from the studies Audiovisual Design, Spatial Design and Advertising, who form the film & design studio From Form.

Creating Pioneers to keep an eye on!

Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences


Creatief, gedreven, grensoverschrijdend, multidisciplinair, niet bang om fouten te maken, recht voor z’n raap en internationaal. Dat zijn wij! En dat zie je terug in de nieuwe WdKA commercial, mogelijk gemaakt door Jurjen Versteeg, Ashley Govers en Wouter Keijzer. Drie zeer getalenteerde alumni van de vakstudies Audiovisueel ontwerpen, Ruimtelijk ontwerpen en Advertising, die samen het multidisciplinaire bureau From Form vormen.

Bekijk daarnaast ook de ‘Making of…’.

Creating pioneers om in de gaten te houden!

Willem de Kooning Academie
Hogeschool Rotterdam

Good girl, Lady Starfury from Arthur Metcalf on Vimeo.

An animated outtake from the recording session for my latest short film ‘In the Beginning’ (dropping online in a couple weeks, mid-September 2014). My star, Sophie, had a hard time with this line (she was five at the time) and the result was too good to keep to myself.

Starring Sophie Mochizuki, with soundman Arjun G. Sheth, and directed by me, Arthur Metcalf.

Recorded in an apartment hallway in Brooklyn, NY.

Movimento from Daniel Rodrigues on Vimeo.

"Movimento" is a sensorial study about the movement’s ability to create meaning.


Graduation project for Design bacharel in University of São Paulo (USP) | 2014